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Best Action camera microphone attachment

Today we are going to talk about the Action camera microphone attachment If you are thinking to buy a microphone for your camera, but are not able to decide which microphone is best for me. If you are relying on a camera microphone so it can disappoint you because the camera’s inner microphone is not best enough to give a clear voice. Even many cameras do not have an inner microphone. So buying a Camera is not the complete solution for making videos.

Sound is as much matter as video quality if the sound quality is not good so it can affect your business. So always go for the best products.

If you want to boost your sound to the top level and increase sales or audients so be with us and read the article carefully.

How to Attach an External Microphone

The first thing comes to arise that there is the lack of an audio jack in the camera. You need to get your audio signal into your action camera. All the external microphones will have to connect to an audio recorder.

1. How to Choose a Lavalier Microphone

There is a lavalier microphone. It is also called a lapel or tie-clip mic. It is also very familiar to us all from television. Audio professionals like this so you can place it near the sound source.

Best action camera microphone attachment

2. Rode Wireless Go II

it is no doubt that Rode is the best audio products manufacturer. Among the products of sound Rode wireless Go II is the best example of it. There are two versions of it. Either One of them is the transmitter.  

They are compact and square. It is easily portable. The transmitter is attached to the subject’s clothes, and as well as the receiver mounts on a cold or hot shoe. You will have to connect the receiver to the 3.55 input ports to your chosen adapter.

The range of transmission for the wireless is 660′ (200 m). If anything is closer than 330’ (100 m), it should not be a problem. The transmitter also gives onboard recording so you will not lose the audio even if the transmission is lost or drop out.

The product Wireless Go II has Rode’s safety mode. This can also record a second audio track at -20 dB. The transmitter of Rode can save your sound at a lower volume and without clipping, although you get overexcited. The Rode phone app gives control of safety mode and other features of this microphone. 

 3. Boya BY-MM1

If you judge both companies rode and Boya both companies are best and it is hard to tell the different differences between the Rode Video Micro and the Boya BY-MM1. But Boya is low in price it is very sold because of its price and quality. It is almost half of the Road Company.

The BY-MM1 has the extra. It is also the best sound product for you it can be used in the live stream on YouTube, Facebook, and so on. The things which come with the item are a deadcat, shock mount, cables, and carry pouch. I also used this and well as prefer the sound from the Boya to the Rode. But, you might have to face inferior performance in the wind

4. Movo VXR10 Pro

If we talk about Movo Company it is also the best company for sound products. This company has many products one of which is The Movo VXR10 Pro. It is a shock-mounted compact shotgun mic. The Movo VXR10 Pro gives cables to connect to your action camera or smartphone. They also give a travel pouch and a deadcat windshield.

The Movo VXR10 Pro gives richer sound with the less high-frequency response but it is less than the Rode. The downside of the Movo VXR10 Pro is very windy conditions; the Movo catches too much wind noise. This is true despite using the deadcat installed. It is not best for outside. Action camera microphone

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