Journey River Green Benefits, Agriculture & Best Facts

The journey River Green has always been wonderful. The fortnight before we all friends made a plane to make a river green journey once again. On the morning of Sunday, we all got up early and gathered at the bus stop. We approximately waited for the bus for almost 30 minutes, we boarded the bus, and left for the journey to river green, we reached river green at 9 a.m.

Rivers are the backbone of human civilizations and provide fresh water for humans which are a basic necessity for humans as well as for animals. Human, and let me say all living things cannot live or passes their lives without fresh water. “It is truly said by the famous philosopher that rivers are the largest water bodies of fresh water.” Let me tell you all the civilizations in the past and present came into or took birth near the river banks.

Why The Rivers Are Important:

Rivers are very important, very much important in our social, economic, and religious points of view if we pay some attention to them. Green rivers provide cheap transactions, a source of livelihood, and electricity. They also provide sea minerals as well as gemstones. Many rivers in India had the status of the goddess and others in the various books of Hindu religious traditions books.

Benefits of the Journey River Green:

The benefits of the journey to River Green are many but some would be described here of them. Rivers provide important benefits that are called ecosystem services that most impact our day-to-day lives; they provide water for drinking, irrigation, transportation, and many more. Rivers also provide a habitat for important fish species.

How Is It Important To Our Life To the Journey River Green?

Bring alluvium it is said that, rivers bring alluvium which mostly makes our lands fertile. In the time of the flood, the river carries those things which make the fertile. Rivers enhance the vitality of the land and often increases production and that’s the reason rivers help us to ensure food security.

Most Importantly, Rivers Help in Agriculture:

Most importantly, rivers help in agriculture a great many farmers depend on rivers for agricultural purposes. Rivers can turn deserts into productive farms; furthermore, we can use them for constructing dams as well as for many other purposes.

Furthermore, the rivers are also important highways, which is why they mostly offer the cheapest methods of transaction and transport. Before the very road and the railways, rivers were very much essential for tourism and developing fisheries.

What Steps Should Be Taken To Protect The Rivers From The Pollution:

Today, the pollution of the river has risen, and it is becoming more important than ever to protect the rivers. We should take different measures to do that; first of all, we should use biodegradable cleaning products and not use chemical products for body washing. Furthermore, we should never waste water when we take shower, after that we must install the displacement device in the back of the toilet for taking very less water. It must be essential for everyone to turn the tap off while brushing, shaving, or doing anything.

Further, one must also turn off the lights when and unplug devices when they are not in the use. And in this way, we can save electricity which in turn saves the water for the human beings that goes into the production of the electricity, and one should remember that one should not throw the trash into the river.

Rivers are essential because they carry water and nutrients to the terrorism all around the world, further rivers play quite and very important role in recycling because they act as the drainage channels for the surface of the water. The more and most important thing is that they mostly provide excellent habitat and food for many of the earth’s organisms.

Facts about the Journey River Green:

. Water flows from the rivers to the oceans and sea always.

. Lots of animals live in the rivers and enjoy the Journey River green.

. The longest and biggest river in the world is the Nile.

. The mouth is often called the end of the river.

. The start of the river is said the source.

. River floods if there is heavy rain.

Journey River Green Body:

The river has a ribbon-like body of water that flows downhill from the force of gravity. A river could be wide and deep and shallow enough for a person to wade across, a flowing body of water that is very smaller than a river, and that is called a stream, creek, brook, or canal.

Journey River Green Conclusion:

The rivers always offer a very beautiful and let me say very wonderful view or the sight; it is a great source of happiness and joy for us. The very early days of the winter, summer, and spring added to the beauty of the river, we must know that people go the in the morning in the evening on the banks of the river. It would be also good to take a ship or streamer trip when the river is calm and silent.

A great many visitations, crocodiles, fish, etc. makes their homes on the river. At present many people are living on the banks of the river that are gradually destroying them by placing garbage in the rivers which are very dangerous to make a journey river green.

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